6 Must haves in your Purse

Apart from the obvious items (Driver’s license, credit cards, cash, car keys, etc), there are a few things that every woman should always have in her purse (If you have a big one, then never skip a water bottle and important medicines). let’s list the items:

 Pen and paper – Even in this increasingly digital age, it’s just good practice to always have a pen and paper handy in case you need to jot down a quick note either to yourself or to someone else.  Maybe your cell phone has run out of batteries, or maybe you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t have their cell phone handy.

Hand sanitizer/hand wipes-  Life is unpredictable, Sometimes there can be quite a large gap between when a mess occurs and when you’ll be able to visit the restroom to wash your hands. Personally, I recommend hand wipes over hand sanitizer because I find them more useful.

Sanitary Pads– Girls, you must have a spare one always with you. You can never know when the need arises. If not you, somebody else might need it. Plus, it is always good to carry your own things than asking others if they have an “extra”.

Makeup– We all know that, regardless of whatever the makeup commercials tell you, makeup doesn’t last all day. In order to ensure that you look as fresh at 5:00 in the afternoon as you did when you walked through the door that morning, it’s a good idea to touch-up your makeup at lunch.

Deodorant– Makeup isn’t the only thing that doesn’t always last all day. Some people just sweat more than others, even if all you’re doing nothing more strenuous than sitting at a computer and typing. If you’re on a hot date, the last thing you want is for your guy to catch a whiff of your body odour. Apart from this, who doesn’t want to smell nice?

A Comb or Hairbrush-  Never forget to keep a comb in your bag. you never know what could happen to your hair.. it can go badly done by wind, rain or somebody’s hand. don’t forget to brush/comb your hair multiple times a day (softly) to avoid tangles.

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