Count My Flaws

Count My Flaws

As per the standard definition, a FLAW is any defect or weakness in a person or one’s character. A major bunch of us is always conscious about the ‘defects’ in us. We have the inferiority complex, we’re under-confident and often look in others what we are not blessed with (often out of envy).

When we think of all our imperfections then it sums up to sadness. Irrespective of the age and gender, anyone can get seriously upset and jealous. It is so distressing to see SO MANY around us think nothing before making the other person feel inadequate. People laugh at those who stammer, fat people are always a joke material, wearing spectacles is not easy for a child, a teenager with a few grey hairs is mocked, height is a problem, English speaking is a national issue, joblessness is pointed, skinny people are assumed to have deficiencies, pimples disgust, husky voice is unpleasant, facial hair on women is a big disgrace…. Basically, anything and everything is made fun of.

All of it could be carried by a child’s mind for years or maybe a lifetime.

We all know somebody who’s trying to be perfect from the outside but from the inside they might just be so empty and scared. Scared if people get to know what’s behind the layers of makeup, what’s the thickness of the spectacles behind those lenses, how many pimples the beard is hiding, or how many failures they have faced.

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People, in fact, try to cover up their aimlessness by taking a pointless job. It’s too easy to demoralize someone with your harsh words without realizing its impact. If we can’t say anything good we must keep silent.

Choose one – sympathy or empathy? I pick empathy because, “I can understand how you must be feeling” sound more convincing coming from the one who shares the same or similar pain and even a flaw.

What if, while we are discussing our achievements and adventures, start discussing our flaws as well? Imagine if the other person shares the same problem and might want to open up with me because he/she was always very uncomfortable about it? What if in a discussion we could find a solution to our problems by someone? Maybe the discussion can reduce if not remove the feeling of mediocrity in a person. TRY. Maybe you can make somebody feel good and ACCEPTED.

Remember: Self-acceptance is more important than social acceptance. A flaw in a person shouldn’t be decided by the society but by the person himself. I accept myself. So, count my flaws while you fix yours.

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