Dogs make the best employees. Here’s how!
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Dogs make the best employees. Here’s how!

Often there is a lot of work pressure. The to-do list and spreadsheets just keep adding over. Your manager is just in no mood to have any excuses and only the completed tasks can save you. “Kutta bana diya hai” is one thing that almost every employee has said or thought of. So while this comparison of an employee and a dog is so common and relatable, ever thought what if there were actual dogs instead of human employees? What role would fit which dog and why? Let’s try making a “cor-paw-rate team”.


A Labrador has to be a salesperson with its adjusting nature to all the environments, loyalty to the company, and friendliness that shows in their interaction. A good salesperson is the one who talks to a client once and owns them forever just like a Labrador does. All sales employees are dogs, no other profile will be so human-friendly. They are easy to train, friendly to the peers and are very intelligent. All in return they need is rewards and appreciations. In addition to it, every salesperson is the apple of the eye to the boss, which a Labrador already is!

Doberman at your service

The client servicing employee is required to be confident, fluent, and fearless and willing to defend the company and its services. Their “let me handle this” behaviour is what pulls the clients. Nobody does this like a Doberman– strong, protecting, reliable & always there for the family. Where everyone is getting behind each others’ backs, only a Doberman dog would have the courage to face what you bring to it.

Shih Tzu you need

Shih Tzu, the little lion is the most adorable one. Make their hair, put a bow or just dress them, you are the most creative with this breed. Speaking of creativity and new ideas, they are perfect for the role of social media marketers. It’s hardly a chance you’ll get bored around them or run out of imagination and playfulness. They can be a handful to train, but once they realize the involvement of rewards, they come around rather quickly. Depending on how pampered they are, a reward can be a small pat or a big treat.

The Accountable-huahua 

The accounts person has a higher chance of staying with the company which is like a Chihuahua that lives longer. Generally, they are kept in a pair, which is also seen in the accounts department (no offence). They can be like “I’m good in my chair” and might not get happy with multiple enquiries but they never run away from their duties. A little drama here & there never hurts anyway.

The Shepherd has an eye on you

A German shepherd is exceptionally intelligent, loyal, and versatile and, can learn and do almost anything just like an HR person. They watch what you do; they keep a track of all your activities. These dogs are not open to any immediate and indiscriminate friendships. An ideal German shepherd and an ideal HR is hard to find. Feel blessed if you have one. They assume the ownership of the company and guard it like a family while taking care of all the other silly people around.

A Pug with a pen is mightier than a sword

Calm, dignified and also playful, content writers are the Pugs (and here I come). The wrinkled forehead is a sign they are always thinking. They are mostly fine with the other animals but might just get jealous if someone else gets your lap. Like, obviously, they do more research, data collection and writing which takes a lot of heart & soul, they must be given a special place. Always sturdy, stable and good-humoured they make great teammates. The little one takes so less space in the premise & deserves a bigger place in the heart (I got swayed away here).

The next time you feel you’re treated like a dog you can know how “paw-some” you are! So wag your imaginary tail for that nobody is as woof-aadar as a dog. Psst! While you are taking an imaginary tour, don’t forget you still have your job pending so back to the workstation or a fresher pup will take your chair and you’ll end up complaining that EMPLOYEES ARE DOGS.

*All fun and pun intended!

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