The God and the Nail-Cutters

The God and the Nail-Cutters

We in India are too much into superstitions and blind faiths.  What all was told to the previous generations is forwarded to the next generation like a legacy. You tell them a myth and attach God to it and they’ll blindly follow it. Such innocence, no? Here, I will talk about my favourite Indian superstitions.

The black cat crossing the road could be unlucky for humans but what if we humans are unlucky for the animal?  Do you think about them? No! You think only about yourself. Lemons go so expensive in summers it’s almost like a luxury, but the investment is nothing if they are tied with green chillies in a string and hung on the outside of the home or office to keep off the evil eye. Indian superstition? NO! God’s blessing.

Out of all, my favourite one is NOT CUTTING THE FINGERNAILS ON TUESDAY-THURSDAY-SATURDAY AND AT NIGHT. People attach this thing to the fear of God. Indian superstitions alert!!

Why would God have the problem with humans getting groomed? God likes neatness too, I believe.

I have been thinking about it really deeply and understood that maybe God doesn’t like the sharp-irritating sound of ‘tik tik’ that the nail cutters make while chopping the nails; and so he asked his “trusted ones” to spread the message of not making ‘the sound’ on 3 days and all the nights of the week (because you adjust a little and God will adjust a little, win-win situation).

Maybe God takes cutting the nails too seriously. All the crime in the world at one place but “who is making that tik tik tak tak?” at one place. Even I don’t like unnecessary noises. I second God in this. Even if the God is sleeping, he’ll know what you did. Even if you try to attach a silencer to your nail cutter still the God will know. Just because you sin differently, don’t think you are not seen. You are all recorded in a special CCTV  exclusively for the Nail cutters and mind you, you’ll have a special place in hell. This isn’t just an Indian superstition, this is the defeat of science.

No matter how busy the God is keeping records of who is doing what but those with nail cutters, ” you are gone”. The one with scissors, don’t you feel safe because it’s kind of the same thing because chopping the hair on those 3 days and all nights of the week isn’t a good idea neither. So save your ass and do as you’re told.

With love,

The ministry of Indian Superstitions

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