Hi! I’m an Introvert

Hi! I’m an Introvert

I don’t need anyone, I love my own company. Give me a room, a good book, a big coffee mug or simply a bed. Ahh! That’s my heaven. Who needs people when I can have a Netflix subscription? I’m a strong, independent individual who doesn’t need a social life.

Hi! I am an introvert. A proper, typical introvert but I am NOT how memes describe one. Also, I don’t understand the combination of “book, coffee and silence”. It’s just not for me at least. Yes, I might be a Lioness, but I don’t lock myself in any den.

I was not always a private person, it was with time and age that I realize that people suck. Nobody is happy and those who are cannot be for long. Jealousy, envy, politics, hatred, rumours, gossips and all the negativity spoil relations. Bullying, shaming, teasing and bad behavior deeply affects mental health. All of what we do to each other majorly disturb the emotional strength and people like me cuts them off the society as much as possible.

I remember myself as an outspoken and highly active child and how I gradually changed to a quiet and selectively-social introvert. I started disliking conversations, had trust issues and came across as a very arrogant girl But from the inside, I was a broken, scared, nervous & under-confident kid who was yet to meet good humans. I didn’t know how to react even when the other person was genuine and had good feelings for me.

I met people. Worse than the other. No mercy. This is how I started developing a shell, the protective shield that keeps me off others. I am afraid to be a social victim.

Being reserved helped me a lot. I learned to speak less and listen more. Listening more means I can understand and observe better. But the more I observe the people around me, the more I get into introversion. Vicious circle.


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