Mind Your Own Business


The wisdom of a man is definitely checked by his ability to mind his own business.

Minding your own business is way less stressful. When you are not bothered what others do or what is happening to others, you have a lot of time for your own self, for your own development, your own work, for feeding a pet, cleaning your room or maybe just a little more sleep. When you are less butty, you save time in getting the news from everywhere and save efforts by not getting to discuss crap with your fellow ones.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I mind my own business,


You are made to worry only about yourself, take care of yourself & your loved ones, be of some help to a needy, and relax when there is a fight between those you do not know, not interfering in the matters where you are not asked to. Life is just so simple.

Rumours about others are as true as those about you. Don’t get into rumours & gossips as those who gossip with you will surely gossip about you. Be disinterested in the personal matters of people. Only when you are approached and asked for a help/suggestion, do that. That is decent and is appreciated. Then you are not seen as someone playing the nosy games but as a genuine friend. Remember, not everyone’s problem is your concern; you already have a lot for yourself to deal with.

Make somebody happy today. Mind your own Business. (- Ann Landers)

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