Pregnancy Diaries: It’s Not Moving

In the previous post, I mentioned how I could feel the baby moving and how lovely it feels. The same night I had a little argument with my husband. We didn’t talk and I angrily cried myself to sleep. Waking up the next morning wasn’ easy not I wanted to. I was really pissed last night that I forgot it must be affecting the baby. Didn’t talk to anyone, ate half-heartedly and then slept again around 1 PM. The husband did come home to surprise me and make up for upsetting me so much but did I get back to normal? 3 days have passed and not yet.

Blaming everything on the hormonal changes and the mood swings, I kept ignoring the fact that I am refusing to let go of anything that is even mildly hurting me. A little thing is a big issue in my head and I could keep thinking about it all the time till I get disturbed again and cry. I didn’t realize how stupid have I been behaving till I realize something scary.

There is no movement for 3 days. The baby is not moving like it was. I’m not feeling anything. No pinching, tickling or anything. Maybe this is all because I was not even a bit happy. I wasn’t eating with my heart and not thinking about anything positive around. Yes, I was foolish enough to let the little one get soooo affected. Sure I’ve been a bad mom these days; I got into myself so much, I forgot the most important part of me.

I promise you baby, You’d like to move-it move-it very soon 🙂

TIP: NEVER DO THIS. Don’t let what’s around you hurt who’s inside you.

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