Pregnancy Diaries: Something is FISHY

I’m in the fourth month of my pregnancy and this is my first “Mommy Blog”. Never thought I’d put my journey into words for the world to read but here I am. The first three months were a very emotional ride. Knowing that I’m carrying a life, realizing that now I’m responsible for TWO, change in the diet, hating my favorite food, nausea, mood swings and trying to adjust in my new body that’s constantly bloating-deflating-increasing. Like any other new mom-to-be, I won’t lie, I did check my tummy to see if there’s a baby bump but couldn’t see anything for I’m already a chubby girl with a food bump.

Every night, I and my husband would switch on some good shows or movies. These days we’ve been watching Young Sheldon. I love that boy!! The usual is that we watch 4-5 episodes per night and doze off but lately, I’ve started to FEEL something that I initially thought is just in my head but nooooooo…it’s for real. THE BABY MOVES.

So, I never really felt my tummy. I did touch it but never really pressed to check where exactly the baby could be. I got this idea of locating the little one after the ultrasound. Since now I knew I could touch and feel (maybe), I tried. OH! There is the baby (hopefully). I did feel something and just moved my hand away and slept in disbelief. It was after that night till today I can touch and feel where the little one is.

AND, *god bless my baby* I can also feel the movement. There is a feeling of something is moving inside me. It’s a sweet ticklish pain. It’s like a small FISH is inside moving from left to right & left again and now I know where the baby would be without even touching. Taking my husband’s hand on the spot, he goes like “ooooooooh” and moves his hand. He thinks he might hurt him/her. Awww.

For the first time, I felt this, honestly, I was a bit worried about what is going on inside me but now these little “fishy” movements (as I like to call them) is a part of me that I wait for all the time. Wondering if my insides are a good enough playground.

PS: I am totally feeling that ticklish pinching right now and I’m short of words.

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