Pregnancy Diaries: The Ungrateful Child

This is just my second mommy-blog and I’m already an over-thinker and emotionally affected. So, yesterday night has been the hardest until now as much as I can remember. It was a normal bedtime, we were watching Young Sheldon, I was enjoying the little fishy movements and asking my husband to guess where his little one would be right now and suddenly, there is pain

My feet begin to ache and in no time the pain increased. I ignored it thinking that it happens almost everyday and that’s fine but it slowly spread to legs till the knees. I don’t remember my knees hurting like that ever. My husband asked if it was like those period cramps and surprisingly I don’t remember how they used to hurt for it’s been a while. I guessed YES but i wasn’t sure.

we kept watching the show to keep me distracted but was it working? NO. I would become uncomfortable, kind of cry and just couldn’t bear that stabbing feeling in my knees. We discussed maybe this is because I’m not talking enough milk so here it was, a very hot cup that we though might help. Did it? NO. The pain just gotten sharper and I couldn’t do anything because painkiller isn’t a great thing to do this time.

I was laying down; couldn’t hold my tears. “This is just the 4th month and look at you.” he said, all worried like his wife is gonna be history in a few minutes. “I was thinking the same. What will I do in the last weeks?” I said sobbing more. We discussed how I need to keep up with a proper diet and be strong with another HUGE worry hit me hard.

Mothers go so much before, during and after childbirth. A father spends all of himself to make sure the mother and child are fine. Their responsibilities are for life yet they get to hear “what have you really done for us?”. And this isn’t just an Indian thing, all three kids in Young Sheldon too were talking back, being irrational and saying mean things.

At that moment I was as guilty as embarrassed for being an unaware mean child a lot of times. Let’s be honest, there is nobody that never hurt their parents with their words or actions without realizing what they are doing. Now, it feels like karma. What goes around comes around.

I read it somewhere “by the time a girl knows her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks her mother is wrong” (no relation to the gender revelation. we don’t do this shit here). If you’re reading it, immediately start being grateful to whatever your parents have done for you and try doing all that you can for them (if you already haven’t already).

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