Silence Please

Silence Please

Open your mouth only when you are going to say something more beautiful than silence.

You do not have to talk to express all the times. When words fail, silence helps. A Smile with a silence becomes a yes. A silence on a permission asked is probably a no. Silence is “I am not talking”. At times, Silence also means “I have so much to say”. Silence is an ocean. Sometimes, it is more meaningful.

When you have thunder inside, you are silent. Silence is dangerous when it is before the storm. It can take a while to understand what a particular silence says. Silence is for the wise. It reflects your wisdom. When silence is comfortable between two people, it shows bond, love…when silence is awkward, you can know there is so much missing.

It is good to be quiet at times, best during a fight/disagreement. The words might hurt more than a weapon just because the infuriated self is so uncontrollable that it thinks later and speaks first. The harm is already done by now for the words sting.

Silence gives you an opportunity to actually listen to what other is saying. You can pick & point them later quoting their words because you were quiet & hence listened well (I just gave you a great tip here!). While silence, it can never be misquoted. It will keep you guessing but that would totally be up to you what you take out of it.

Merely looking at the other person in silence can make you listen to what his/her eyes are saying. Hearts understand each other better in silence. When words are muted, everything speaks. Silence is an art. Silence is romantic, silence is wise, silence is accurate, silence is beautiful, silence is dangerous, silence is a weapon and silence is your source of great strength.

It is good to speak up to express, but it’s even wonderful to express without having to speak.


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