The DARK side of Indian Shoe stores

The DARK side of Indian Shoe stores

Other than a wide range of footwear, every Indian shoe store would have a group of salesmen trying to sell you what you don’t want to buy, a lot of customers especially focusing on the pairs on discount and a magical dark room that throws and catches the shoes.

Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by the man that never shows his face or speaks a word but is always there to toss a pair down. The sales manager would communicate with him with words like “iska salaa de”, “black ka maanjh pakda”, “who naya wala piece nikal doctor sole ka” and so on.

The person in the dark-den is as much giving you the attention as the immediate salesman. While the seller knows what pair you are picking and what else can he pitch you, the hidden man helps him with colors, sizes and options. The salesman might be the face but it’s the efforts of the one “out of sight” who’s on his toes all that while.

The seller being in direct contact with the customers takes away all the praise of converting a customer but the efforts of the one in the hideaway are ignored.

Interestingly, this isn’t just the case with a regular shoe-shop. The companies big and small that you work with have the same problem. The efforts of the back-end team are always overshadowed by the team-leader. In most of the cases, your boss will always be ready to take away what’s yours- THE CREDIT!

The shoe-stores are the smallest yet the darkest side of the corporate world.

At times, it becomes so difficult to decide what makes you sadder- the appreciation you didn’t get or the fame you can’t claim.

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  1. Dark side of real world

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