Wedding is NOTHING like what Instagram shows you

Wedding is NOTHING like what Instagram shows you

Wedding is surely the biggest day of your life especially for the bride. Are you or somebody you know a soon-to-be-bride? Let me tell you that everything is done, bought and planned only around you. The awesome part is that you get the best of anything you want in your trousseau. Every day, we check the social media feed full of fancy brides and everyone featuring and adoring them. “I WANT!” is what you think to all those likes and flattering comments.

While it feels amazing to see a whole lot of gorgeous brides and aww-worthy couple pictures, it’s kind of a pressure to be as good. What if I’m not that pretty as a bride? What if there’s a fashion blunder? What if our pictures don’t come ‘insta-worthy’? All of the comparison and benchmarks are too much to handle if you’re a girl who hardly gets dressed-up.

Then, as you realize that the D-day is coming closer you start coming out of the little dream world you were living in since quite some time now. The stress is real, the tension is high and don’t get me started on the suggestions. Everybody is a god-damn advisor uncalled for. You get n number of suggestions from even those you seldom talk to. Everything and everyone becomes scary.

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You are flooded with the screenshots and the images of what they find you to consider. “Hire this MUA, buy this color lehenga, why are you not getting your hair colored? Look subtle on wedding don’t go overboard. Go for this hairstyle. Where’s your pre-wedding shoot?”. Oh- My- God! I understand your concern is all in a positive way for me but HELLO! I’m kind of not feeling very happy here.

The choice of clothes being the simplest thing is even not so easy. You have to take everything as a “nayi bahu” and the blingy, embellished and embroidered stuff is not something you dream of wearing. You go to shop and the shopkeeper goes like “thode aur heavy dikhao ma’am ki shadi hai” and here goes yards of fabric art. Count those heels and ‘fancy’ purses too that you need to match with everything.

Days before wedding are so emotional I never knew. Everything I see at home makes me cry. My old stuff that I can’t take along  (as told), my collection of things, my comfortable bed, my comfiest pajamas, eating and sleeping whenever and whatever, shouting on my brothers because I’m mad, throwing tantrums…no it will NOT be the same. Nobody’s gonna take it (neither would you).

What fears me the most is that soon everything will settle down, everyone in the house would be used to living without me and they’ll be fine. Both places the other home would be referred as “apne ghar” (eg. Apne ghar jaa ke karna) so much that I wouldn’t be sure of which is “mera ghar”.


I’m sure there are a bunch of bloodcurdling things for the boys too that we don’t see but I can only talk about me.

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