What If There Is No Tomorrow?

What If There Is No Tomorrow?

The time is running on the speed of light. Every person young or old has just got no time. Either you are occupied by a lot of things physically or just a thousand thoughts mentally. I read somewhere that a human mind processes near to 60,000 thoughts per day which is seriously a lot of work for a tiny brain, no wonder why we are so crabby. Even when we are not working, our brain is. Poor thing is into so many jobs; thinking about- studies, career, job, food, salary, savings, bills, food, lover, food, sleep, arguments, tensions, food and basically life in general (and food).

We think and think and think the entire day and might just travel from the current moment to a day, a month, a year hence. I can keep this dress it might fit me later, I shall just buy another book because I might need it on my next trip, let me just get another fixed deposit, I am gonna leave this crazy job in another 4 months after the appraisal. We are planning for dinner while having breakfast not being sure if we would be hungry enough to eat. Quite sad.

Things are just quickly moving, decisions are made and dropped every second and we have all (temporary) plans set…or at least in progress. Bro, what are you up to? Nothing, just checking for the next iPhone launch (never gonna buy). You are all occupied with your phone calls and spreadsheets and deadlines and you are trying to finish the target before time because you want to apply for 3 days’ leave. You are in the kitchen just too busy packing lunch for your kids. You are so fed up with the three back to back tests at college tomorrow that you are studying all of them together. You really need to make those bookings 2 months before the peak season for a good discount. God!! This is all too much.

Just when you are within all your tensions and work, a phone call that tells you about the sickness of a dear one can shake you, your accident might cancel your plans, a landslide in the planned vacation spot can spoil the mood, the client who was just going to make the payment has backed out. The house you were about to buy is suddenly not for sale. The job you wished to stay in for long just fired you.

You never know what the next second would bring to you. We really really need to learn to live in today. What if there is no same tomorrow

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