Back in 2014 on my way back home, there was an irritating itching on my arms and neck. In no time, the skin started turning red and I assumed it’s because I rubbed and itched so hard. Till I got home, it was turning deep red and I was worried if I’m changing into some other species.

Itchy eruptions and redness was all that I could see. It was scary. I never saw anything like this happening to anyone. On consulting a skin specialist, I came across a new term and yet another problem- PHOTO-SENSITIVITY. I was told that, in simple terms, sun doesn’t suit me (I always knew it, anyway) and excessive lighting anyway would harm me.

what is photo-sensitivity?

This generally happens to young females. Different skin types react differently to different amount of sun exposures. My skin reacts very badly to even a small amount of sunlight or fluorescent lights. Sun-blocks don’t work for me and covering every inch of the body in 40 degrees causes this (check images).

Photo- allergy can cause rashes, sunburns and blistering. Whenever you something of this kind happening to your skin, congratulations for turning into a Pokemon! Jokes apart, see the doctor without wasting any more time.

Photo-sensitivity can be very dangerous, can cause diseases you don’t wish to know and harms skin in a way you don’t wish to see. Cover yourself properly and don’t take a chance.

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