You don’t have to get on the top to be on the top

You don’t have to get on the top to be on the top

Who doesn’t want to get up the ladder at the earliest? Yes, we don’t have any patience and try our luck with short-cuts. Absconding is one practice that is most-followed but the world is filmy too. It’s very recently that I’ve witnessed what they show in the movies happens in REAL. Shamelessly, literally, people have got the balls to bring out their inner pervert out with pride.

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Look what’s happening!

These ‘professionals’ are not embarrassed of what they do and not even ashamed of their unfaithfulness. Yes, they are disloyal to their partners but have the nerve to be around like they’re doing the most right thing ever. What do they do it for? Maybe they’re power-hungry or maybe they find their own benefits in it. Promotion, money, authority….what exactly? But hold on, this isn’t the only approach.

You don’t have to get on the top to be on the top (if you know what I mean).
The other category of goo-workers (for they’re SO SHITTY) is ass-licking. Yes! The next easiest thing after flirting/bedding/sexting and everything disgusting is supporting infidelity. It’s like you back my ass and I’ll save your ass. Simple, no?

The boss’s pet

Aaaaaaand… then comes the best of all. This species does nothing because it actually can’t do anything. They’ve been hired by chance and they’re having a hard time find another job. So what do they do? Buttering, as you say. Anyone remember Randall from Recess? Exactly!

90s kids hate Randall

While you’re cribbing about the workload, stress and deadlines; somebody is using the CORRECT method to get their work done on time moving swiftly towards appreciation and appraisal. You might be a slow learner but one day you’ll learn the ‘best tricks’ ever but god forbid, if you fail to train yourself with them, THERE WILL STILL BE A TOP!

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